Shop Smarter: Attract & Educate

Using choice modeling to simplify the buying experience

Buying a device can be an overwhelming task for users, with an array of brands and spec combinations to choose from. One major retailer set out to change that, creating a simple interface that would display information and demo features for its on-display devices. However, they had hundreds of potential designs to choose from, and needed to know which would attract the most shoppers without overwhelming them.

To help the team narrow their options, we created a custom Discrete Choice Model (DCM) that had users viscerally select which display they were attracted to most. With this design, we were able to keep each display intact as a single photo, simulating a real-world experience instead of breaking up elements into a grid. This allowed us to measure the relative importance of each component without drawing attention to it – and ultimately giving the design team the best user interface to implement nationwide.


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