Differentiating Remote Desktop Services in COVID Times

Selling C-Suite on a future of Cloud PC for all

As the remote workforce settled in for the long haul, enterprise IT scrambled to find solutions to support its virtual user base. At the same time, a major technology provider was about to launch a cloud-based PC product and sought the optimal “way-in” with IT decision makers. They needed to know how to frame the end-user device narrative decision makers would be motivated to make changes to their infrastructure and invest in deploying the new remote desktop product.

To help the marketing team, we used a dueling MaxDiff to identify which ways-in were both most important and most differentiated from competitors, surveying technical C-Suite and ITDMs in enterprise organizations with remote desktop services. With this information in hand, the brand was able to hone in on the benefits that would move users, rather than ones that just placed it on parity with its competitors.


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