The Dual Screen Dilemma

Dual screen devices might be the next frontier for tech companies hoping to disrupt stagnant categories and hasten refresh cycles. But are people buying the hype?


With the recent Galaxy Fold flop, and the Galaxy Flip, Moto Razr, and Surface Duo announcements coming on its heels, Emerald On Demand quickly checks the pulse on US consumer sentiment regarding this new category of hardware.

While 4 in 10 have never seen or heard of these devices, about half have already decided they’re a “marketing gimmick” vs. meaningful innovation – work to be done to shift this perception!

We are very keen to watch how tech companies position and message these devices in 2020, and it appears the Surface Duo might be best-aligned to how consumers expect to use these devices:
79% are excited for how DS devices will benefit their work / productivity scenarios (vs. fun & entertainment).
About 60% believe the main benefit is having 2 separate screens for multi-app productivity, vs. a single-screen scenario which collapses into pocketable form factor

Since the decline of BlackBerry, smartphone manufacturers have shied away from a productivity / work-oriented value prop. It’ll be interesting to watch how these new devices launch in 2020.