The American Workforce Heads Home

New Routines, Distractions, and Work Styles: How Information Workers Adjust to Life at Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic


At Emerald Research, we take our responsibility to serve our communities and our trusted partners seriously – so we want to provide as much information as we can to help you navigate the new lifestyle of working-from-home or wherever your makeshift office is located. As events unfolded this week, we took the opportunity to ask Information Workers how their new homebound reality is impacting their work.


  • 44% of IWs are using collaboration/messaging software like Teams, Slack, or Zoom daily to help maintain connections to others.
  • Just 12% of IWs report their company has since rolled out net-new tools to enable at home productivity. The top reported new services are:
    • Google Hangouts
    • Zoom
    • Microsoft Teams
  • Recognizing they may be in this for the long-haul, IWs first look to equip their home office with a new monitor and an office chair.
  • At this time, 90% of parents feel well-equipped to support their children’s shift to online reducation, if required.

Going Forward
Emerald is actively polling 3x weekly on COVID-19 issues and is developing POVs on how this new normal specifically impacts market researchers like ourselves. In the meantime, hopefully you can all stay physically distant but socially connected.