The AI Journey: Going From Practical to Transformative

How can business leaders develop an advanced analytics and comprehensive AI strategy?


Emerald Research Group was commissioned by Hewlett Packard Enterprise to conduct research that they used for their latest business white paper on artificial intelligence. Check out a few of the main highlights below!

• Few organizations pursue AI with the intention to reimagine their businesses from the start; fully realized business transformation comes later.
• Most organizations begin their AI journey by focusing on traditional metrics, like cost efficiencies and improved decision-making.
• Organizations with mature AI strategies have engineered data strategies and tech infrastructure to support them.
• C-suite support for AI initiatives is critical to gain momentum.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) are no longer the new game in town. As the C-suite continues to focus on shifting technological needs, AI is one of their highest priorities. AI first is a nice catch phrase, but for all the hype the reality of AI today is more often grounded in incremental improvements to standard business processes. This business white paper seeks to help business leaders navigate the evolving AI landscape, to identify where they are in the typical journey and to provide a framework to help bring their AI strategies to fruition.

The paper is based on research conducted by Emerald Research Group in June 2021, commissioned by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Included are findings from the research, expert analysis. and considerations for a successful AI journey.

Emerald Research Group interviewed nearly 2,500 business leaders (IT decision makers [ITDMs], line of business [LOB] executives, business decision makers [BDMs], data scientists, ML engineers, lab directors, and scientists) in large organizations (1,000+ employees). This research is a compilation of results across eight countries (U.S., Asia-Pacific, and Western Europe) and four industries (manufacturing, retail, life sciences, and financial services).

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